Is there a roadmap for the future of Snipcart as a standalone service

I just found out that Snipcart was acquired by last year ? There seems to be very little communications about it… Is there a future for Snipcart as a standalone service and/or a roadmap for the short/medium future ?

We are a Montreal based agency considering Snipcart for our e-com offering (would love to support local business, although US owned now?), but that kind of makes us second guess our choice :confused:


I remember getting an email about it last year:

I come to you with awesome news about Snipcart’s future. I am stoked to announce that our company has officially joined the Duda family!

WTF is Duda?

Duda is a leading professional web building platform for digital agencies and SaaS companies. They allow web professionals to rapidly build websites at scale by utilizing tools for automating site building, easier collaboration with clients, advanced customer service, and capabilities to achieve pixel-perfect designs without a need to code.

Our focus on flexibility and modern e-commerce store design is very much aligned with Duda’s product vision of providing its customers with beautiful and modular e-commerce solutions.

No need to worry, Snipcart and its team are here to stay! Our product will be integrated to Duda’s industry-leading platform AND it will stay available independently to customers. The very best of both worlds.

Duda also plans to invest heavily in growing our team and adding more capabilities and features to the core Snipcart platform.

I suspect you may have questions for us regarding this awesome news, so I have attached a short Q&A below. As always, we are one email, DM, or smoke signal away if you have any questions or worries.

Thank you for your unwavering confidence in our team. It’s been quite a ride, and it’s far from over!

François Lanthier Nadeau
Head of Snipcart

Who is Duda?

Duda is a leading professional web building platform for digital agencies and SaaS companies based in the small, remote, and totally unknown town of Palo Alto, California.

What does this news entail for me?

Well, nothing negative. You will still get access to our team of experts for support. If anything, your experience will get better over time with the help of Duda’s many resources.

Is your pricing policy going to change?

Nope. For now, it’s the same price. We were experimenting with new pricing models before the acquisition process. We might go forward with some changes in the coming months, but nothing confirmed yet. Otherwise, same great product, same humans on the support team.

Do I have to have a Duda-based website to use Snipcart now?

No. Snipcart will keep offering its product independently, so you can enjoy it on whichever platform you choose to use. Although, if you want to switch to Duda, there will be some pretty great integration feats down the road.

When will Snipcart’s integration to Duda be completed?

We have already started working on the integration, which is expected to be released in early-2022.

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Hey Max,

Thanks for the question! There is indeed a future for Snipcart as a standalone service. We always intended to keep it running and growing. However, we faced some serious bandwidth and prioritization challenges when integrating Duda’s company and codebase. We had to put almost the entirety of our team on the Duda integration for a good while — hence the lack of feature updates and marketing news from our core product.

Things have settled down now, and we’re finalizing a kickoff project that will allow us to maintain, support, and slowly grow Snipcart core for the coming years. As soon as that’s kicked off, I’ll do a bit more public communications on the topic! 🙇‍♂️

For the sake of transparency, Snipcart E-Commerce Inc. is a Canadian corporation, now owned by Duda shareholders, a corporation registered in the US but operationally distributed across USA, Israel, Brazil, Canada, and England.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate!


Possibility for Snipcart to standalone again?

It’s still available as a standalone product, and from what i understand, the team is committed to keep it running as a standalone product in the future.

But seems like inactive because of the acquisition and integration

Kickoff, when? It’s already 2023

What’s up, happy new year! We’re finalizing some fine-tuning, but the spoiler is that we’ll get dedicated collaboration from the agency where Snipcart was created in the first place. They know the product, they know our team, and many of our clients. They’ll provide steady input on customer support, technical maintenance, and. soon enough, product features.

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Feature request: Local delivery radius and support formultiple branch location :grin:

It’s great to see update from you guys. Waiting for update almost every weeks