Advantages of different payment methods

I’m very concerned about PayPal’s new policy that permits them to fine you and withdraw up to $2000 from your account any time you post a statement on any site that they disagree with. I’m very interested in moving to a different payment service.

I know that Snipcart supports lots of other services, and I’ll be researching them. But which services are you using, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the service as you see it. I have a very low-volume market. I might have 5-10 transactions/week, and all of them range from $11-$30.

I’ve never heard of Mollie before. It looks like it’s target audience is in in the EC. I’ve heard of Stripe and Square. At just a first review, it looks like they have the same pricing plan. Who’s chosen one over the other, and what influenced your decision?


Stripe got lots of features.
Btw where do you find the PayPal new policy?