Anybody from Snipcart

Is there anybody here that knows what has happened to Snipcart?

I know they were purchased by Duda but get the distinct feeling that all work has stopped on Snipcart.

It seems like it is no longer a viable service?


I too wish I had more answers. I’ve relied on Snipcart a lot and it’s been a wonderful solution. Getting nervous that I’ll have to find something else.

Frustrating and sad that there’s been no updates.

I have no particular information about the Snipcart roadmap, but I’ve noticed that the last Snipcart update is not so old: September 13, 2023. So the project is still maintained.

Yes, the only updates are here - Release Notes

My main concern is there are no blog posts/articles of any kind. There is no marketing activity at all for Snipcart as a business, which is really odd. The twitter account is dead etc…

I guess we just have to ask Duda for an official comment in this area.

There’s actually nothing like it that I have found.