Anybody from Snipcart

Is there anybody here that knows what has happened to Snipcart?

I know they were purchased by Duda but get the distinct feeling that all work has stopped on Snipcart.

It seems like it is no longer a viable service?


I too wish I had more answers. I’ve relied on Snipcart a lot and it’s been a wonderful solution. Getting nervous that I’ll have to find something else.

Frustrating and sad that there’s been no updates.

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I have no particular information about the Snipcart roadmap, but I’ve noticed that the last Snipcart update is not so old: September 13, 2023. So the project is still maintained.

Yes, the only updates are here - Release Notes

My main concern is there are no blog posts/articles of any kind. There is no marketing activity at all for Snipcart as a business, which is really odd. The twitter account is dead etc…

I guess we just have to ask Duda for an official comment in this area.

There’s actually nothing like it that I have found.

I do believe duda was just trying to destroy Snipcart. Because they already have ecwid. White labelled and so on. They already use it. Idk why they still want Snipcart. My thoughts only was to distract Snipcart team

Check out this Duda site:

Interesting. Still nervous that I’m going to have to find a new solution.

Interesting times ahead. It could be a positive thing? In my opinion, SnipCart has slowed down over the last couple of years so an injection of funds and talent could make for a great future but only time will tell.

This quote from their acquisition post seemed positive.

Duda plans to invest heavily into further developing the features of Snipcart’s platform and providing the Snipcart team with all the resources they need. It’s worth noting, however, that the Snipcart platform will continue to be offered independently to customers.

It would be great if Snipcart could remain independent and continue to develop more quickly in the foreseeable future.