Can I use Snipcart for the checkout and payment while using the e-commerce functions of Webflow?

I want to use the e-commerce features of Webflow except for the checkout process because Webflow e-commerce doesn’t support Bancontact through Stripe :frowning: What I had in mind was to do the checkout with Snipcart since it allows EU-payment methods.

So can I keep all the e-commerce features (cart, product variant images, etc …) of Webflow in combination with the Snipcart Checkout Process?

For example, when the user views their Webflow cart and clicks on the ‘proceed to checkout’ button, we don’t checkout through Webflow but Snipcart instead?

Appreciate any help,

Thanks in advance!

Hi @nvb

Yeah it’s very possible. I just implemented Snipcart into my portfolio. You can see it here: The my account is used for clients to view their purchases.

I can offer some advice if you need it. See ya.