Can tailwinds css use to styles the snipcart?

Hello everyone, i have some problem to use a tailwinds css with a snipcart. All the button turns into transparent, but it will visible when you’re hovering it. Any solution?

@MengXV You can customize all the CSS of your cart with Snipcart! We offer basic theming CSS vars with our theming feature: Theming – Snipcart Documentation so that way you can override default values using basic CSS.

That said, since you’re using Tailwind CSS, you could also take a look at our template customization feature: Customization – Snipcart Documentation where you can override the actual outputted HTML for some components, that way, you’ll be able to rewrite some components and add all the Tailwind classes you need for your cart!

If you have any technical questions, feel free to visit our official documentation here: Basics – Snipcart Documentation

Our support forum here:

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