Cookie policy and snipcart data

Hi I’m wondering what to state in a cookie policy / confidentiality agreement on my site which uses snipcart.

I was wondering if Snipcart has some sort of ready made policy I could link clients to within the privacy agreement on my site. I found some Snipcart links that could be helpful:

but these seem to be the agreement between Snipcart and myself as the Snipcart customer, not MY customers who use my Snipcart page and myself/Snipcart. If there isn’t such a thing, is there specifics I should mention if I draft one? Starting from basics, I’m assuming the cart collects cookies, no?


It’s very relevant. Does anyone have any leads ?

I don’t think you need anything specific about Snipcart, you just need to inform them that the website uses cookies to collect necessary data for the shopping cart to function. You can look at the privacy policy of other e-commerce sites for examples, or there are online services that write it for you. You could probably even give ChatGPT a few prompts and come up with something acceptable.

right, this is all very murky, I guess I’ll just keep it vague.