Custom Payment Gateway

I have written the javascript for a complete custom checkout flow processed on cloudflare workers edge network.
I’m happy to share that code with anyone who is interested.
I’ve hit a small issue that is the invoice currency not getting passed to the custom checkout. The error is ?TypeError: Cannot read property 'currency' of undefined at createPaymentRequest (?publicToken=xxxx:41) at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> (?publicToken=xxxx:19)

Can anyone shed any light on this api issue?
Many thanks

Hi Tigercox, I’d be really interested in this - are you on github?

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Yes I am, here is the code. Please do try it out - it works with google pay demo card atm but im looking to integrate sumup.
tigercoxgithub/snicart-sumup-cloudflare-worker: A single javascript cloudflare worker file that acts as a custom payment integration between snipcart and sumup (or any other payments api).