Experiences with Snipcart regarding German & EU legal requirements?

Hi everyone :wave:

I am currently looking into the usage of Snipcart. In this process, I am seeking for fellow users experience to see if it can be a good fit (which I would really like).

As I am located in Germany though, the whole Schrems II / Privacy Shield and GDPR topic (as well as specific German requirements) is something I need to be concerned with. A lawyer told me the best thing (until there is a new settled cooperation between US and EU) to mitigate any risks concerning these topics (apart from good legal texts and a given DPA) would be to find a solution from within the EU. If that is not possible, he continued, there will always be a little “risk” involved - even though this is tiny, especially for small e-commerce endeavours since it would affect thousands of shops…

Long story short: I guess everything in life is a little risky, so I am hoping to gather some real life insights from fellow German/EU humans using Snipcart if it is possible to take on all requirements and / or what your experiences are with the Snipcart solution regarding the above-mentioned requirements?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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