Has anyone built a marketplace on top of Snipcart?

I’m currently building a marketplace that needs the basic features of an ecommerce store with marketplace features like users being able to have their own shop and products while selling them within the marketplace. Something like Amazon basically. Has anyone done something similar with Snipcart?

Technically you can ask each person to create a snipcart account and configure it, though it might be pretty difficult for some users. Otherwise you could maybe implement the api into a sass which manages products and have one main account. Still need to figure out a way to pay out customers and handle billing. I did not end up using snipcart for my purpose.

yeah that sounds like a lot for a marketplace type of setup, i think for simple ecommerce sites snipcart would be great. But if you want a b2b, b2c, or even c2c setup something else might be better. Currently i’m using Vendure, just thought Snipcart’s easy configuration with HTML would be nice to work with.