How to integrate to a paywall

New user, inquiring about feasibility.

My wordpress site was updated and now my single product sales quit working. There is no easy fix to this, platform vendor made major changes which broke everything. So I’m considering Snipcart. I want to get away from Wordpress, bad.

So I have a single landing page, which then goes to a checkout screen which gives the user a choice between Stripe and Paypal (this choice is really important).

When payment is successfully processed, the user get an email receipt, and they are automatically redirected behind the paywall for this session.

This is a digital download of a pdf (I host it at AWS, but would be willing to have it placed on Snipcart servers, for more seamless protection. However, I also provide a series of on-line videos behind this paywall. It is set up so users can login and return to redownload the pdf and / or watch more videos. It’s not a recurring subscription.

So I need to be able to capture the purchaser’s email address, zip / postal code, and auto create a password, so the user can get back in at a future time.

Would Snipcart work for this?


Hi @gigaboy,

Snipcart itself works for almost everything you’re describing, but the biggest thing you’ll be missing is to have an auto-generated password. We don’t handle customer accounts. The only thing we do similar to that is to find repeating customers based on their email.

I hope this answer your question.