Snipcart for a new project?

I’m reviewing headless ecommerce solutions for a new project and Snipcart seems like a very appealing option. Can any current users give me feedback on whether they would choose Snipcart again? I’m hesitant because of the relative inactivity of the Snipcart team. Is this product destined to be sunset?

Although it seems to work upfront, I’ve had a ton of problems integrating shipping, so I really don’t think I’d recommend it for any physical products.

As for support by Snipcart, it just points you to the forum. So if you don’t have an answer here, it seems you don’t get one. Seems like the forums are also slowing down in activity, so I’m personally planning to scrap my work and try something else.

Hey, I don’t know the future of Snipcart either, but I would choose it again. Been using it for a few years now. According to one entry, Snipcart will continue to exist as a standalone system. Apparently the integration with Duda is taking a lot of time. It remains to be seen.

Hey there,

Thanks for considering Snipcart for your project! We understand your hesitation about the relative inactivity of our team. We are currently focusing on integration with Duda, which is taking up a lot of our bandwidth, but we are still actively looking for ways to improve Snipcart in the future.

We also take customer support seriously and every conversation is read and responded to. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d be more than happy to help you out.

We hope this helps and we look forward to hearing from you!

In general, I really like Snipcart and the support we’ve gotten up till about a year ago. But the Duda integration has stalled all updates. With the fees I’m paying monthly, we should be getting regular updates. And that was happening regularly (once a month or so) up until Duda. Now it’s been almost a year since we’ve had any updates.

No advancements have been made with shipping integrations either, which is really painful for my international customers as the UPS rates they see are often 2-3x what it really costs to ship to them with Shipstation. So we’re definitely losing international customers on shipping quotes in the cart.

There seems to be no timeline for the developers to get back on to Snipcart, so I’ve been looking into other options. Had I known all this from the start, I probably would be on something different with more integrations and support. But at this point, it’s hard to start over!

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Well they have been releasing updates: Release notes – Snipcart Documentation

I get it though, there is no public roadmap or communication and that doesn’t sit well especially as all it would take is a blog post.

I would recommend snipcart for getting started quickly, if you already have one of the shipping integrations available and are OK with their style more or less.

Their product was somewhat buggy. There is a newer version but it requires a rewrite. They have recently doubled their minimum subscription from $10 to $20. How do they justify such an amount for hosting a rather inactive cart?

I failed to find mobile integrations such as react native it looks like you are stuck with web.

Their support is quite fast, responsive and helpful.

PS: My experience with them is many years old. Seems like they were aquired and their priorities went elsewhere (then their old clients) and their subscription fee was doubled just like that.

Functionality seems to have been stripped or broken down from the backend.

All indicates that it is in the process of being sabotaged and digested by the new owners.

That’s kind of sad.

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