Subscriptions early access, checkout step doesn't work

I try to make subscription like in the documentation, the first steps works fine locally but not on my server.

When adding item in my cart :

  • the price stay at 0.

  • I got 403 error and : "system error occured in Snipcart.undefined '.

  • I cant delete the item from the cart
    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘uniqueId’ of undefined
    Capture d’écran 2021-07-29 à 01.26.03

When I try to checkout I got this error again :
POST 400 (Bad Request)
A ‘system’ error occured in Snipcart.undefined

I don’t know what have I done wrong.
I dont think the issue is about JSON crawler because this validation take place in the last step.

I already have contact the support and they enabled subscription for my account.

Hey @sylvaingarnot,

Just replied to your email, turns out that subscriptions were not enabled in Test mode for your account. I enabled them so that should fix the issue you’re having.

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