What review platform are you using?

I’ve got my headless e-commerce store up and going with SnipCart (Gatsby+Sanity) and loving it. I however need to implement a review system. I’m trying to determine if I should roll my own and using Sanity or use a 3rd party platform (ex. Reviews & Ratings Platform | Yotpo). Any other SnipCart users integrating a review system?

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I just discovered Stamped.io so I’m going to use that. It’s a bit better than Yotpo Reviews & Ratings (for early-stage sites) since their branding does not show up on the review widget in the free plan and you have a lot more flexibility to customize the review request emails without having to be a higher-level plan.

Probably not the best solution but I use the MailChimp API to send review requests and then use my own system to receive and manage the reviews