Zero One Kirby CMS theme (in a plugin)

Hi there!

I would like to present to you Zero One | Multi-purpose Ecommerce Kirby CMS starter theme
It is built almost two years ago, but in the latest update, we integrated Snipcart.

You can see the shop demo at

And documentation pages Shop page - Zero One Documentation

For those who are not acquainted with Kirby CMS, it is a flat-file PHP CMS. It is an unopinionated system, with an optional Vue JS panel, and over the years it grew to be one of the best of its kind.
You can check out its powers at their website.

Zero One is a Kirby CMS plugin

Zero One is the most popular Kirby CMS theme, but it is actually a plugin. This is great, because of some functionalities Kirby has. Because you can overwrite any plugin file by copying it to your theme folder. Change it, extend it, and safely update Zero One to new versions without worry. Your changes will stay untouched. Like a WordPress child theme, but more powerful. Learn more.

Developer features.

Zero One is created to be customized, extended, and scaled. No restraints whatsoever. It is also a gold mine for Kirby beginners because it offers solutions for various common problems.

Learn more

Content editing features.

Custom-made panels for every content type. Kirby Editor, Kirbytext, and Page Builder in just the right places to extend flexibility to maximum.

Learn more

SEO/SEM master features.

There’s no need for a plugin to manage and update your site’s SEO settings. From page titles to meta descriptions, URLs to Open Graph settings — it’s easy to optimize every page of your site for search.

Learn more

Zero One has a theme styler (and compiler)
Zero One theme has in-built Theme styler. And it is not just a simple styler, it is actually a stylesheet compiler, which means, it compiles all Less/CSS into one minified CSS file. Which adds greatly to website speed.

I must note that Kirby is a premium CMS and every install needs a Kirby license. You can learn more at


I wish that this integration was around couple of years back, when we were building the webshop with these exact tools :slight_smile:

Great theme btw - nice design, clean code (the most important part for me tbh, :clap:), bunch of features out-of-box, worth every cent!

Hi, @srdjanr! Thank you, I’m glad you like it. :blush:

Did you use Kirby too with Snipcart?

Yup, Kirby + Snipcart (+Braintree as a payment gateway). :slight_smile:

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New Zero One theme demo, featuring properly Snipcart and its superb features