Abandoned Cart dashboard - cart summary not honouring free shipping rules , although shipping panel does

Hi guys
domain in question is superclean-pw.co.uk
We’ve noticed a possible bug (not sure if this was present prior to upgrade to 3.3.1?)
The merchant dashboard, under abandoned carts, when you look at an individual cart. The summary info for an order of £1300 is showing a shipping fee of £65 our rate to mainland UK for over 30KG even though the store is configured to offer free shipping for orders over £1000?. The shipping dropdown panel on bottom right of dashboard correctly shows shipping fee of £0

I’m wondering if the alteration to shipping rate order in the update may have impacted this?
Oh btw I also sent an email about this, soz

UPDATE: I’ve also just noticed that the delivery options that appear no longer align with preset rules!!. We have successfully been using a combination of weight and postcode to determine the delivery options which include collectioj, free delivery over certain weights, 48hr delivery and normal delivery all based on location (regular expression postcodes)

This all appears to be broken now! I have rolled back to 3.3.0 to see if this fixes the bugs (assuming these are bugs as all worked fine before)

UPDATE 2: I think I can confirm that it was something to do with the auto complete address in 3.3.1 I rolled back to 3.3.0 and the problem with the wrong shipping options if fixed. Unsure about shipping reporting in cart summary in dashboard

Hey @daveharrisonnet

looks like we have a ticket open on this so will be closing this.


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