Able to edit a submitted order

I propose the ability to edit an order after it has been submitted.

It seems that I often get a followup note, after an order has been placed and paid for, that the person chose the wrong item and asks if I can fix it.

It’s not much work to update the quantity on hand for the two items, but is there a way to edit the customer’s order so that when I review who has placed an order for an item, they are listed correctly? It would also permit me to send a corrected invoice to them that shows the actual items ordered.

What I mean:

  1. I start with 100 Product-A and 100 Product-B items.
  2. Someone orders 1 Product-B item.
  3. Someone else order 2 Product-A items.
  4. Then the person who ordered Product-A asks me to change it to Product-B.
  5. I manually edit the # on hand of Product-A back to 100.
  6. I manually edit the # on hand of Product-B to 97.
  7. But if I look at the orders for Product-B, I still only see the original order. Also, I still see Product-A listed on his order.
  8. My proposal would let me change Product-A to Product-B on the order and have it automatically adjust the inventory levels.