Accepted Payment Methods?

Exactly what payment credit cards are accepted when integrated with Stripe? Like do we only accept MasterCard and Visa?

My team wants to create secure checkout badge to add underneath our product pages that showcases the credit cards that we accept but I am not sure exactly what cards stripe accepts when integrated with SnipCart.

@EdRod Our stripe integration accepts all the CC that are accepted by stripe. Were you having any trouble with specific cards?

Thank you for that info. No I was not having issues, was just wanting to verify what were the CC that they accept so my team can create a safe checkout secure banner that includes all the logos for the major credits cards. It was confusing because in the SnipCart checkout there is a badge for only MasterCard and Visa. So we were not sure if Amex, Discover and all the others were accepted as well.

Thanks, we will go ahead and assume they accepts all the major cards and start working on the banner.