AdBlockers prevent SnipCart from functioning

Hi, so, it seems like adblockers are preventing SnipCart from functioning. Is there any solution to this?

Which adblocker in what browser does show this behaviour?

Seems like UBlock Origin for instance, used on Firefox. I mean if it blocks external scripts, then there is no way for SnipCart to go around that is there?

Hey, what exactly is not working for Snipcart with Firefox and UBlock Origin. I use the same combo. Everything seems to work for me…

It was reported that the whole script is blocked. Or is the culprit that I put Snipcart on Cloudflare Zaraz to keep off the main thread?

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Ok, seems like it was Zaraz - I needed to configure different endpoints. Now SnipCart is running on Firefox + UBlock Origin + Zaraz

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