Age verification/age restriction in Snipcart?

Hello - I have a client that wants to sell products that require the customer to be 18+ in age. Does snipcart offer a way for orders to be unfulfillfed or managed so that first a customer must verify their age via a mechanism such as email for example or through snipcart itself? If not, I have seen some third-party solutions but am not sure how they can be integrated with snipcart to be a part of the ordering/cart process?

i.e. example of third party provider API docs: Stores & Custom API | VerifyMyAge

Keeping in mind product custom fields and how it would work with those for product variants.

I’ve been looking at Webhooks doc but not sure if that would be the way forward, my stack is Nuxt front-endn+ Strapi for the backend API feeding product data - so I don’t have a PHP, Ruby or C# backend. Where would I access the order.completed event in Nuxt? As I’m assuming that’s the point I’d need to make a couple of calls to the third-party age verification service.

Any insight and guidance on this subject would be appreciated. Thank you!