Apple Pay/Google Wallet Checkout

Seems to me an increasingly popular choice for checking out because it’s super quick. Would love to see this in Snipcart.

Thanks for the feedback @budparr!

This is definitely something we hope to add through the various gateways we currently support.

At the moment though, you’d need to use our custom payment gateway feature to make this possible.

is this not currently possible if using stripe already?

Not at the moment @pierspow.

Even though Stripe supports GPay, our Stripe integration was created before Stripe added support for it, so it’s currently missing this functionality.

As far as I remember, the apple pay was supported with the Mollie gateway by Snipcart API v2.
After upgrading to v3 it was gone, which was quite a painful finding after all the migration effort.

I would really appreciate to have this feature… it’s breaking my heart to see any other eshops but ours supporting that for years :roll_eyes:

Yep I would also like to see this integrated with stripe. It is being requested by my client

Many thanks.