Auspost integration not working

Hey guys - I’m trying to setup the Australia Post integration with snipcart, but hitting roadblocks on my end. I’ve gotten a Postage Assessment Calculator API key from Auspost and plugged that into the snipcart dashboard. I’ve also added the data-item-weight attribute to all products. But when I go to checkout, I only get the free_shipping option available, and the following error in the console:

Are there any examples of successful Auspost integrations in the wild? I couldn’t find any, or any further documentation on the integration beyond ‘add API key and make sure to add weight to products’.



I know this is an old post, but leaving this here in case it’s helpful for someone in the future: the Australia Post calculator requires that each product has a length, width and height set:


The JS error mentioned above is inconsequential. The Aus Post Api works regardless.