Automatic Google Analytics tracking not working


I’m trying to setup Google Analytics 4 (gtag) with Snipcart, but I’m getting a warning ‘e-commerce tracking is enabled but no service found’ on development.


I can only find docs that mentions the Snipcart integration should work ‘automatically’ so I’m not sure if I’m missing some configuration. The article on Snipcart on how to set it up also returns a 404: Setting Up Google Analytics E-Commerce Tracking - Snipcart.

I’m currenly using Nuxt with the @nuxtjs/google-gtag package to set it up, this is the only configuration I have in my project in nuxt.config.js:

 // Modules:
  modules: [

  'google-gtag': {
    id: 'G-XXXXXXXXXX',

Hi @Woet, thanks for reaching out.

Can you check if Snipcart runs before GA? We might be running the check before GA is loaded so we can’t find it.