Billing Problem

I’ve just received a receipt from Snipcart via email. I assume that it is genuine - the From address is

(Shouldn’t it come from )

The contents that made the document suspect were

Charge for Legacy plan. $0.00
Total $55.55 USD (not the actual amount)
Amount paid $55.USD

There was just one line item (Charge for Legacy Plan) with a zero charge
The total was not the sum of that one line item.

Logging in to the dashboard told me that I had two transactions and had been charged transaction fees.

Mystery solved, but I do not think sending a receipt without information about the charges is helpful.

I am surprised that this is accepted by your other clients.

Two other issues with this receipt, if it is genuine,

  • This invoice also mentioned a Legacy Plan. Checking my Billing on the Dashboard it says I am on the Standard Plan.

  • In the Billed To block there is a line

VAT: ABN: 71 733 670 755
This is meaningless, and looks wrong.

Australia does not have a VAT.
The Australian Business Number (ABN) does not belong in this billing block, but does no harm there either. It would normally be used when we send invoices or receipts to clients.


Anita Graham