Billing + shipping address

Just finished my very first snipcart project (combined with a Kirby cms site) and having one small issue/question regarding billing and shipping address in the checkout.
Currently when checking out there’s only the billing address shown with no option to set a shipping address or a possible checkbox to indicate that they’re allowed to be the same.
What am I missing?

Hi there,

First of all let me welcome you the to Snipcart forum, we always welcome feedback on the product.

For the shipping address, we automatically skip this section when appropriate. A few things to verify on your part:

  1. Is this a digital good? (I have to ask ^^)
  2. Are the products added to the cart shippable (data-item-shippable)
    Products – Snipcart Documentation
  3. Is Shipping enabled in the dashboard (Disabled by default)
    Shipping – Snipcart Documentation

Let me know if this helps,