Braintree integration - creating the Customer

Hi there,

one important feature for Braintree integration would be creating a Customer entity when processing a transaction. That would provide easier reporting and analytics in the Braintree platform, but most importantly, make manual subscriptions in Braintree possible.

How easy it is?
According to Braintree docs, literally set the flag options.storeInVaultOnSuccess to be true when creating the transaction.

Background story:
We were told 2 years ago that this feature would come with the integration with Braintree for subscriptions in Snipcart, and to be patient because it’s coming soon.

Since that hasn’t happened yet and is not going to happen in the forseeable future (first up is Mollie as we’re told, and that integration hasn’t rolled out yet; not even an ETA on Braintree), can we at least get this feature?

That would mean a lot to merchants, and should be a quick implementation on Snipcart’s end (plus it must be implemented anyway when handling the Braintree integration for subscriptions, so it’s time well invested).