Browser Error logs when user signs out

Hi! I am experiencing a constant console error in the browser whenever a user logs out again. The snipcart.js file seems to throw the error. My code never reads the attribute name. I am wondering if someone else has experienced the same issue?

snipcart.js:16 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'name')
    at a.Mm (snipcart.js:36:308628)
    at On.t._render (snipcart.js:16:23870)
    at a.r (snipcart.js:16:27961)
    at or.get (snipcart.js:16:30821)
    at (snipcart.js:16:31554)
    at Xn (snipcart.js:16:29761)
    at Array.<anonymous> (snipcart.js:16:12898)
    at fe (snipcart.js:16:12293)