Cannot process Order- The Price May Of Changed

Can Somebody provide a Suitable Solution to this problem please.

It seems to be on MAC OSX mainly, however i cannot confirm which platforms.

All i know is 90% of my clients are seeing this error on MAC

Im not using any special code other than the HTML provided by Snipcart
i do use PHP variables to populate the price and product details .

		<button id='addtocart'
		  data-item-name='REMOTE INSTALL - $title'
		  data-item-custom1-name='Operating System'
		  data-item-custom1-options='Win PC|Mac OSX'>
		  <i class='lni lni-cart'></i>Checkout

is ther any reason for this error. there are little solutions being provided.

A client of mine has been experiencing the same issue. Since a few days, all customers are getting the error: “Prices of products in your shopping cart may have changed.
Try removing them and adding them back to your cart. Please contact us for more information.” (or similar to that).

The developer logs show:

An attempt to create an order with invalid products has been made. Don't forget you can't add/update items attributes in the cart dynamically with javascript as it will cause crawling issues. You can read more about this here:

Found 0 snipcart-add-item elements with ids []

I’m having this same issue. Did you ever find a solution?