Can't add Stripe

When trying to add Stripe for subscriptions, which is how our site is largely based, I get this error from snipcart’s end after making my account on Stripe and being redirected to connect the gateway

Five days and no answer from here or support email?

I will actually pay to have my site redeveloped without the use of Snipcart instead of paying the monthly fees to them at this rate.

Day 7 and still can’t connect Stripe. So I’m left to post here on the forums in a thread by myself and look like the bad guy while I watch others get their questions answered without even a “we’re working on it”.

I had to make a new Stripe account to connect it. I don’t know why that’s the case but that’s the current solution. Now I need apiv3 enabled but I sent support an email for that.

Well, adding a new Stripe account didn’t solve anything for me, I keep getting that same error on my screen when trying to connect to Stripe.

I have set up 5 new Stripe accounts, tried different Stripe logins.