Can't implement cart template override using Astro


I’m trying to show my custom fields in the cart summary template, but I can’t seem to override the default cart.

I have snipcart-templates.html inside the public directory, and this is my snipcart installation in my BaseLayout.astro:

<script async src=""></script>
<div id="snipcart" data-config-modal-style="side"
data-templates-url="/snipcart-templates.html" hidden></div>

There is no 404 on the snipcart-templates.html file so it is being picked up, but my custom fields still don’t show in the checkout. I have modified snipcart-templates.html to show custom fields.

Any advice? Thanks!

I’ve finally figured out template overriding. Could you share your template override? I can check what’s wrong.

I ended up fixing the issue on my own, thanks though!