Card payment field unclickable


So this (or a similar) issue have been posted about before, but none of the threads have a solution and are posted around one year ago. So I thought it would be ok to create a new thread for the issue.

The issue is that the card field in the checkout is unclickable. I had this issue when in test mode too, but it was magicaly solved some how. Now in live it have unfortunately come back.

The thing is that you can tab in to the field, and there enter the card details and make a successful payment, that goes through to stripe. But you can’t click on the field. So it doesn’t seem to be a order validation issue?

Previous threads about the issue:

Anyone that could help me find a solution to this? Would be so grateful!

Hahah this is a bit embarrassing, but I have found the solution to my problem. It wasn’t anything connected to snipcart. It was me who had re-used a css reset from another project where I didn’t want iframes to be clickable. So, that was the problem all along haha.