Card payment via square getting rejected

Hi, we have added a new digital download item which is working fine if payment is made by paypal but fails if payment is made by card via square.
we get the following in the developers log

OCT 05 11:57:03 Payment for order 864cac54-fa39-493a-bf1d-c4b3e8ca85f4 has failed, error: squareerrorpayment_processing
OCT 05 11:57:03 Found 1 snipcart-add-item elements with ids [CTMEOY]
OCT 05 11:57:02 Validating item with id ‘CTMEOY’ located at Product’ on domain ‘’.
OCT 05 11:07:34 Payment for order a16eaa6b-bd2d-449b-b6c1-3ac65d5ef25b has failed, error: squareerrorpayment_processing

What is going wrong? All other items are working fine with square

Seems like a Square relative issue, no? Have you submitted this issue to Square?

Hi, problem solved. It was a n error on our part. we had not enabled SCA on snipcart