Cart and Order token

Hello all, we are working on an integration related to SnipCart and we would like to link carts to final orders. Is there a way to do so? If yes can you please give us some advice?
We thought about the Cart & Order token, but I’m not sure they are the same.


Hey @orf-jeenka,

Cart and Order tokens are not the same. We only have an Order API or Abandoned Carts API.

Clear, @slemieux thank you. Is there a way to “link” a cart with the final order or it’s not possible at all?


@orf-jeenka, could you please clarify your objective in connecting the cart and the order? This will help me provide more effective recommendations on how to implement this feature. Thank you.

We needed it to track the checkout behaviour of users, but with further research we found out the cart.confirmed event, that is sufficient for our needs.

Thanks for the help.