Cart reset on page change


I just released my first Snipcart site, and the cart resets to 0 on page change.
Does anyone know how to avoid this ?

Here’s the site : Home


Hi @Pasolint, thanks for reaching out!

I was not able to identify the cause for that in your site.
Is it possible to disable your cookie manager and see if that could be related to the issue?


Hi @nelitow ,

Thanks for your time.
You nailed it. It is indeed the cookie consent management system that’s causing issues… I tried without it and it works fine.

I’ll try to find a setup that works then.


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hello, despite the late delay , here is a solution :
I tested on a Hugo site : on my machine with the command $ hugo server , and test on http://localhost:1313/mysite : the cart was not functionning : it was reseting between the products.
Then I deployed on a test domain on a static site provider ( : vey good and quick) : and the cart worked !