Change fullname to first name and lastname

Does anyone know where the overrides live for the full name inside the address fields? I’d like to change the single field for full name to two fields for first name and last name. This allows me to communicate more personal in the emails. I’d tried looking for it inside the default template reference but couldn’t find the overrides…

Hi @maartendings,

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to split the first name and last name into two separate fields in the v3.

This is in our backlog; however, we can’t commit to an ETA at this stage.

Your best option here would be to enforce a splittable name through a regex by adding a pattern attribute to the full name input using our customization feature.


Ok, will go for a regex for now then. Thx!

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Ok, will go for a regex for now then. Thx!
thanks my issue has been fixed.

Hi @Michael
any news here? We have a lot of clients that really wish to separate the first and last name into two fields.

Thanks for a quick feedback & Cheerio

Hey @darkotstecktnedri,

We just started working on some improvements to our billing and shipping form. It will be possible to configure your cart to support full names in one field or in two separate fields. Also, there will be support to add a Phone number field.


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