Close cart - Prevent html/body scroll to top

hi snipcart team,

i am using snipcart in nuxt with the help of this package:

is there a way to prevent the body/html scrolling completely back to the top of my page when i click the close-button in my shopping cart?

thank you very much for your help

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@nelitow hi support team, could you check whether there is a solution to my above mentioned problem? thank you for your support.

@correa, Hey! It was such a long time ago, but have you found a solution then?
I stuck with the same problem :cold_face:

hi @marchd, if possible try not using the nuxt/snipcart package, instead try using it via “normal” script-embed. maybe, build a super easy to test prototype first and check, whether you face the same problem.
(from what i remember payload for snipcart is lower and easer to manage, when using embed, which might be a positive sideeffect)

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