Coming back to test mode

Hi there! I’ve put my store on “live mode” just for a moment, to make a first real order and check if everything was working fine with my payment gateway (Stripe). After that, I revoked my “live API key” and put the store on “test mode” again.

But now it seems I can’t make “test orders” on the store anymore: when I click checkout, the card doesn’t offer me that fake credit card number, as it used to do before.

Is there a way to go back to that mode again? I still need to make some tests and final adjustments on the website. Its URL is:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Fabricio,

I just looked at your site and it looks like you’ve put back your Test API key, which is good. Normally, if you didn’t touch your Test settings, the cart behavior should be the same as before.

Is there a particular test case you can give me so I can reproduce the issue?


Hi, Francis, thanks for your reply. This happens with all orders. You can try to buy any book, fill in any fictitious address, choose any shipping method, and you’ll see that you won’t be offered that fake credit card like it was before, to make a test order.

I just tried and the payment form displays all right. Can you please try again by clearing your cookies first? That will create a brand new cart.

Francis, the form displays all right. But considering that I went back to “test mode”, I thought that I’d be able to make those “fake orders” again, with that fictitious credit card the form used to offer me before (with a message about the order being not for real and just for test purposes). That’s what isn’t working: I don’t see the fictitious credit card number anymore; the payment form seems to be the “live mode” one. Is it possible to go back to that? Thanks for your attention and concern!