Connecting a custom payment gateway - help?

My client uses Opayo (previously Sagepay). I’m hoping to use Snipcart to connect their account with their Webflow site, but I’m a bit confused as I can’t find any helpful articles to talk me through connecting a custom gateway.

The main article that keeps being suggested does say “A custom payment gateway can be added on top of any other supported payment gateways connected to your Snipcart account.” so does that mean the client would need to:

Pay 1st transaction fee to Snipcart
Pay 2nd transaction fee to a supported gateway
And then the payment would go to their Opayo account?

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

The payment will go directly to Opayo, Opayo will take their transaction fee.

Snipcart will keep track of all sales during the month and charge your client every month for their 2% on the credit card configured in your client’s dashboard.

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Thanks so much! That’s helpful :blush: