CSS Styling - How do you actually implement it?

Hi everyone,

This may sound like a stupid question, but I’d like to style my cart’s css. I’m aware of what can be styled, but I don’t know how to update the snipcart.css. A very simple step by step would be super, or even if I were to host a css file somewhere else, a way to point snipcart to load that css via the the inject code.

I’ve read the documentation but it seems to assume we are all trained developers, which I’m definitely not.

Thanks in advance!

Download the snipcart css from their website (replace the version number with whichever you want):

and host that file with whatever modifications/overrides you’d like on your website, and load that css in your head section.

Set loadCSS to false in your installation code:

Thank you @billywight! This worked a treat. Maybe snipcart documentation should include your instructions for noobs like me!

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