Custom currency separators change don't work

Hi, it seems that custom currency separators don’t work.
For euro, I changed a thousand separators to dot, and decimal to comma, but it still displays the other way around.

Added euro as the default currency.

Hi @mrfreedom

If you have a live link to the store, can you contact us at, so we can check your case?


Hi, @nelitow!

It is still localhost, in test mode.
It is going live soon, so I will report when that happens.

Thank you!

Great, we will be glad to help @mrfreedom, Thanks.

Hi, @nelitow, you can see a live version here

It is in a test environment.
In my Snipcart account, I entered dot for thousand, and comma for decimals, but it still shows the default.

Hi @mrfreedom. In v3 we use the native browser API to get the ideal format for the customer, so the settings in the dashboard are ignored, but are used for the invoice sent to the customer.

Hi, @nelitow, thank you, at least I know the reasons.

It would be better if the format follow the settings in the dashboard. Now it is confusing for the customers.

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