Custom Fields Multi Language name inconsistency - API flaw

I have some custom fields that have different names in different languages.

en: data-item-custom1-name="Day of birth"
de: data-item-custom1-name="Tag der Geburt"

I need to react on those via webhooks.
Docs say, that custom fields come in this format via webhooks:

        "customFields": [
            "name": "Custom",
            "displayValue": "Option 2",
            "operation": "+10.00",
            "type": "dropdown",
            "options": "Option 1|Option 2[+10.00]|Option 3[+20.00]",
            "required": false,
            "value": "Option 2",
            "optionsArray": [
              "Option 1",
              "Option 2",
              "Option 3"

Now, depending on which language the order was made in, the name of the custom fields will be different. This is painful when processing the webhook and searching for custom field values.

Field names in HTML forms generally have names independent of the language. It would be better, if we could define the name of a field independently from it’s label. Something like:

data-item-custom1-label="Day of birth"

This way we could identify custom fields and their values easily in our webhooks logic.

I think this is currently not possible. Or am I missing something?