Custom tax option not appearing in dashboard

I’m trying to set up custom taxes as explained in the video on this page:

However, in my client’s dashboard, there’s no Custom Taxes section on the Taxes page. The only options are:

  • Webhooks Taxes Provider
  • Integrated Taxes Provider

Is there something we need to add/confirm before this option should appear? Or any other reason the Custom Taxes section wouldn’t appear on this page?

Hi there,

Do you have a Webhook Tax Provider or Integrated Tax Provider configured at the moment?

This prevents the configuration of Custom taxes by hiding them in the dashboard.
We have plans to improve how we communicate this in the dashboard.


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Thanks for getting back to me. As far as I’m aware, nothing like that has been turned on in the account.

Hi there,

After some verifications, it seems like Taxjar is set up in Test mode which prevents the Custom Taxes section from being displayed. But in Live mode, TaxJar is not set up and you should then be able to see the Custom Taxes section when viewing the dashboard in this mode.

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Ah, so Custom Taxes never appear in Test mode and can’t be tested – is that right?

Not exactly, you could turn off TaxJar in test mode to have access to Custom taxes.

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Ah! Thank you. Gotta say, the toggles aren’t particularly clear whether they’re on or not.

Thanks for your help – all sorted now. :raised_hands:

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