Customization template not working anymore with @nuxtjs/snipcart (1.3.1)


I use @nuxtjs/snipcart module to make the connection between Nuxt and Snipcart.
I’ve followed the plugin documentation for customization here:

It used to work but lately it doesn’t anymore.
Did you change anything that could lead to this problem?

I’ve also opened an issue on Github here:

Thanks for your help,


Hi @deodat, thanks for reaching out.

Did you update your snipcart version?


Hi @nelitow,

thanks for the quick reply!
Good remark, no I didn’t, I can see in the module here that version 3.0 is loaded:

const mergeDefaultOptions = (moduleOptions, options) => {
  const defaultOptions = {
    version: 'v3.0',
    path: {
      base: path.join(options.srcDir, 'snipcart'),
      js: path.join(options.srcDir, 'snipcart', 'customize.js'),
      css: path.join(options.srcDir, 'snipcart', 'customize.css')
    snipcartCustomize: '',
    locales: {},
    attributes: []

  return {
    ...(options.snipcart || {}),
    ...(moduleOptions || {})

So, I think the problem is elsewhere. I’m gonna wait for the module developer’s reply.