Digital products

Hello there,

I have two feature requests for digital products!

  1. Permanent download link in user account, although link set to expiration when sended by email after purchase. By this, the user has a back up in the account and can re-download the products if files are lost for example. At the same time, it is important to secure hot-links sended by email by setting a value for expiration.

  2. Making possible to update digital products without having to recreate them or add new. Once digital files set up, it would be great to be able to update them (common versioning for software for example), without having to recreate all links and set-up, which can be a lot of work and possible errors.


Hi Jerome,

Adding a download link inside the customer dashboard is something we hope to add in the future.

Concerning updating the digital good, this is now be possible. You can achieve this, by going to any digital goods inside your dashboard and clicking on the “replace” button.


Hi Michael,

great for the replacement feature! Now I am dreaming about a ‘notify customers’ button :wink:

For the download link inside the customer dashboard, it is already present. But the files are not accessible if an expiration value (in days) has been specified. It would be good to disssociate downloads in the dashboard (always possible, useful as back-up or when files are updated) of links sent in emails after purchase with an expiration.


Hi, I’ve seen that you addes a ‘notify customers’ button to the replace feature, great! What email template does it use, is it possible to personalize (eg. describing what has changes, suggesting to delete older files)? Further, when the maximum of downloads per order is set to 1 (for security reasons as hot-links in emails) in the initial download, can the customer still download the updated file?

Just tested, he or she cannot. Would it be possible to set the download maximum per new file, permitted to download again even if set to 1?