Disable shipping or product billing on some postal code (Block payment & shipping based on postal code)

Hey guys, is there any ways to disable payment & shipping based on postal codes? Currently the Snipcart allow payments based on Country but not on some postal code for some States available in a country. I’m living in Malaysia and we do only shipping on two States, Selangor & Kuala Lumpur (Nearest Postal Code from my place). How can achieve this behaviour to only enable on Postal Code area?

You will probably want to use the shipping webhooks. You will be able to return specific shipping methods according to the products in the cart and the customer’s information. You will also be able to return an error if need be.

How to return error using the webhook app. I’m using Pabbly Connect. I was able to get all calculations but failed to return an error to webhook source.

Anyway, the shipping always gets stuck when nothing is available for shipping. Can you guys set it not available for shipping when there is no shipping available in the area? I tried using webhook but was stuck on loading shipping rates. How to show customers that there is no shipping in the area?

I am also in Malaysia and have the same problem. I will watch this topic to see if it gets resolved. I also asked for the States to be added as a feature request.

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I am able to send the response webhook to snipcart shipping method. But the UI is stuck on “Loading Shipping Rates”. Why is it not display error to the UI from webhook? @lea . Here is my webhook using pipedream:

I have this same problem: “Loading Shipping Rates” stuck when there is some exception on the shipping webhook response. In a previous contact with the Snipcart Team, Charles Ouellet answered me that they’d already detected the problem and that they’ll be fixing it soon.


Hey folks,

This is a known issue that will be fixed in an upcoming release. We’ll update the thread here once it’s available.

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Any updates for this issue?

Hey @ammein,

We’re working on it at the moment. Sorry about the delay here, we had to prioritize some other stuff in the last few weeks but this will be fixed in the next cart release.

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Any updates since October? I’m having the same problem. The web-hook returns the error as in the documentation, but the UI does not display it. Stuck on “Loading Shipping Rates”

It’s April 2022 now – any update on this issue?
I simply use the custom shipping method, not even a customized webhook … but it still stucks at “loading shipping rates”. Is there any solution available?