Display name of current Tax instead of "Taxes"

I have 2 tax rates set up currently (I’ve named them “GST” for Australian orders and “NZ GST” for orders shipping to New Zealand).

This video states that the name of the relevant tax rate should appear at checkout but it currently just says “Taxes” regardless of what shipping country I select.

How can I display the name of the relevant tax instead?


I got the same question. It would be indeed better to display distinct tax names as entered into the dashboard for clarity to customers. Could it be at least added as an option?

I found a workaround by directly changing the label using the JavaScript API until we could display the name of the relevant tax rate as entered into the dashboard. It’s not perfect since the label is generic but it allows you to give more info instead of having just “Taxes” as a label. So by using the case of @nzxh, we could have something like Taxes (GST/NZ GST)

    document.addEventListener('snipcart.ready', function() {
        Snipcart.api.session.setLanguage('en', {
          cart_summary: {
              taxes: 'Taxes (GST/NZ GST)',

Hope this helps!