Donation Page Snipcart

I want to create a donation page with Snipcart, where the user can insert the amount they want to pay however when they go to place order, it says order couldn’t be processed and domain crawling error, it is running on my local computer, and I am not sure how this would work.

Has to be accessible from the internet in order to validate the cart.

Read more here: Order validation – Snipcart Documentation

Hi cherria,
This is one of the major weaknesses of SnipCart. You can’t have an open dollar amount.

There are some tricks for getting around this, which I use. I can explain them to you if you want!


Hi Matthew,
Thank you, could you explain them to please?

Hi Cherria,
Before you look at my answer, how good are you with coding? My solution needs you to do a bit of coding with your back-end language.

Hi Matthew,
I am good at coding, I can code in Python, JS, Java and PHP.
Thank you!