Error 308 Permanent Redirect during Shipping step on Checkout

I am attempting to utilize a webhook to calculate shipping costs, however, I am receiving a 308 status error and I am unsure how to resolve the issue.

If someone knows the reason for this error and tells me, I will be extremely grateful.

Hey @Adeir
We’d need more info about your specific case to help you out. You can send us an email at

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Not sure what Adeir’s use case is, hopefully it’s resolved.

I am getting the same issue. In the Snipcart Dashboard, I have a webhook URL configured. My app is a NextJS app deployed using Vercel, and the webhook url is the url for a serverless function deployed with my app. Do you need more info about my use case?


I figured it out. This was an issue with my vercel function domain. I needed to include ‘www.’