ETA on subscriptions feature for non-Stripe payment gateways?

Hi there,

is there an ETA on the subscriptions feature for payment gateways other than Stripe?

It’s been years now, we’ve been waiting patiently and were sold on the idea that it’s “coming soon” many moons ago…

Is 2022 the year when we can finally start using subscriptions? This is a hugely important feature and it would fair to give paying customers some realistic ETA so they make their plans accordingly.

Hey @srdjanr,

Unfortunately, we can’t commit on an ETA yet, improving subscriptions is something we have on the roadmap this year, however, we can’t commit on a precise ETA at this point.

What I can confirm though, is that Mollie will be the next payment gateway we’ll support for subscriptions.

Hi @charles ,

I completely understand, it is hard to give a precise ETA on a rather complex feature with limited resources.

But a rough estimate would make a huge difference - the 1st or the 2nd half of the year; is it this year at all or not before 2023…? (And btw - we are using Braintree, so I believe we’re even further on the roadmap.)

We have clients asking us the same questions, and we’ve been telling them “soon” for some time now, but their patience has grown thin.
And honestly, I understand them - we could have switched to Shopify or some other platform a long time ago, but we all waited for this crucial feature to come to Snipcart. Now if I tell them “soon” or “it’s on a roadmap” one more time, I think some heads are gonna explode :slight_smile:

Hi there,

are there any news on this front?
Sorry for the eagerness, I hope you understand the situation we are in.