Failing Order Validation

My cart is suddenly failing order validation. I have verified the product and it’s variant does show in my products.json file. Is there a size limit on the JSON file? I noticed my file is growing a little large. But can’t think of any other reason it would be failing validation. This is across the board on all of my products currently.

snipcart.js:1 A 'cart-confirmation' error occured in Snipcart.

Reason: 'product-crawling-failed'

--- Item 1 ---
[Item ID] print-JosephGruber_20211106_141415.jpg
[Item Unique ID] a8464ae0-253e-43cd-9e07-d76db60b9640
[Item Name] Rocket
[Status] NotFound
[Price in cart] 0
[Crawled prices] []
[Details] null

I have reduced the size of my JSON file and it still has the same issue.

Hi @joseph.gruber,

I suggest you take a look at this thread for trouble shooting steps. I will close this thread as it is a duplicate.