Forgetting to click on checkbox blocks payment method

I am currently having a Privacy Policy checkbox in the payment step.

Problem occurs in following scenario:

  1. User clicks on desired payment method (e.g. PayPal)
  2. User forgot to check the required privacy policy checkbox, so he sees a warning
  3. User clicks on checkbox
  4. The user can no longer click on the payment method he intended to use. Maybe the event listener gets removed?

Please fix asap, this is a big problem.

Having the same issue with the payment gateway mollie using “eps” and “sofort”.
I think this is a known issue and hopefully will be fixed soon.

In the meantime you can add your privacy policy checkbox to the address section. This works for me.

Hi @Jakob_G

A fix for this has been planned. We will update you as soon as the fix rolls out! As stated by @Tobias a workaround is the add the policy checkbox in the address section.

Hi Lea,
has this fix been released?

I’m having this bug. Is this supposed to be fixed?